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Modi government spent Rs 2,250 crore on buying Ventilators. Why aren’t they working? -Arunabh Saikia A flawed procurement process has resulted in hospitals getting cheap Ventilators, many of which are unusable, say doctors even in BJP-ruled states. Maharashtra was witnessing an alarming surge in Covid-19 cases and deaths when 150 Ventilators arrived at the Government Medical College and Hospital in Aurangabad in the third week of April. The Union health ministry had sent them. The hospital further distributed the machines to other district and private hospitals in...

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Defunct Ventilators, ICU under construction: The grim reality of Jaisalmer’s district hospital -Mausami Singh Jaisalmer’s Jawahir Hospital caters to more than eight lakh people. Amid the second Covid wave, it has turned into a picture of negligence and apathy. Jaisalmer: Known for its shimmering dunes and majestic forts, the city of Jaisalmer seems to have lost its lustre during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Little do the tourists who flock to the Golden City know that Jaisalmer’s health infrastructure is in a decrepit...

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The miracle of allopathy: A response to Baba Ramdev -Vikram Patel

-The Indian Express Allopathic medicine has deciphered the genetic code of a novel infectious agent, developed a slew of new vaccines to protect humans, tested them in large population trials, and got them to the market, in just one year Even as the pandemic reaps a grim harvest as it rampages through the country, one of our eminent citizens has shot a volley at allopathic medicine, the branch of medicine I was...

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Supreme Court stays Allahabad HC order to upgrade healthcare in UP

-The Hindu Changes difficult to implement, State govt. tells court The Supreme Court on Friday stayed a May 17 order of the Allahabad High Court, which described the medical system in smaller cities and villages of Uttar Pradesh during the pandemic as Ram Bharose (at God’s mercy). A Vacation Bench of Justices Vineet Saran and B.R. Gavai remarked that the High Court’s directions for COVID-19 management in its May 17 order may be...

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Villagers in Varanasi turn to Dih Baba, goddesses and rituals to ward off COVID-19 -Sunil Kashyap As the second wave of COVID-19 spreads to rural areas with minimal healthcare, villages across the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh have been conducting a 21-day puja to ward off the virus. The puja involves worshipping and invoking the protection of local patron saints, collectively referred to as Dih Baba, and pacifying goddesses associated with epidemics, such as Sheetala Mata. “Hospitals are in terrible condition and there are no medicines,...

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